Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chipmunk Photo Op July 18 2007

Going back in time a couple of years. I took these pics while in the beginning stages of building this shelter. According to the information on the digital shots, I followed him around for 40 minutes. Heh.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Snowmobiling April 02 2009

Went out for a while on a cloudy day in April. Never did get to go as far as I did down the river in past years this season because of the fucked up temperature fluctuations throughout the winter.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Chris McCandless

Here is a collection of photos of and relating to Christopher J. McCandless. I found most of these on the web the last couple of years, and recently a number of previously unavailable pictures surfaced. Quite an interesting look into his past. The defining characteristic of the photos is the elation in his expression.. Even when he was facing death.

McCandless as a young child.


A young Chris hiking. Likely from the yearly trips with his father referenced in the book.

Grinning, teenage McCandless.

High school photo.

Eerie shot.

Chris circa 1990.

Chris with the Datsun.

Denali, AK & the Stampede Trail

Self portrait at Bus 142.

Satellite view of Bus 142.

A big game kill. Possibly a caribou, definitely not the moose referred to in the book and pictured below.

Teklanika River.

Aerial view of bus.

Stampede trail.

The thin, ragged mattress in which McCandless spent his last moments.

Last photo taken on Chris' camera. Disturbingly thin and weak, resigned to his fate but smiling as clear as ever.

The suitcase of emergency supplies left by McCandless' parents in the bus.

Memorial plaque installed by his parents in Bus 142.

Chris' mother, during their visit to the bus a year after his death.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snowmobiling December 6 2008

I took out the XC for the first ride of the year. Snow was falling in masses, but the temperature was still low. Trails ungroomed and overall unpleasant conditions.

Dawn Biking October 10 2008

Had a spontaneous urge to go out in the early morning to enjoy what was left of fall. Cold air and clear sky.

September 18 2008

I was going into the woods the hour before sundown daily September-November.. Fall sunsets are beautiful.

Hiking July 24 2008

I headed into the woods for a few hours around 5 PM. Lit a fire using natural tinder and a firesteel. Watched the sunset in silence for a long time and smoked a joint. Amazing atmosphere for me..

Dawn cycling July 20 2008

I left early one summer morning to bike the 15 miles. Stopped for blueberries and almost got hit by a truck. Exhausting.


Empty highway